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Elect Liberty PAC boasts top management and top creative advertising talent. Our team has decades of winning election know-how in national politics and in local campaigns.

All funds collected for campaign efforts will be used solely for that purpose. As an independent PAC, Elect Liberty cannot coordinate our advertising activities directly with the campaign.



The Grassroots Campaign to Elect
Effective Leadership in America

Adopt-An-Ad Program


Unlike other campaign funding opportunities, we want you to see where your donation is going – specifically.  Our Adopt-An-Ad Program allows donors to witness their dollars in action – through signage, mailers, social media, radio, and video advertisements.

Help us Elect

Your donation will make the difference.    

Make Donations payable to Elect Utah PAC – a Utah state PAC supporting Utah’s future.  There is no dollar limit to the amount of your donation to Elect Utah PAC. Individual and corporate donations are accepted. Use the Donation Now button for all credit card donations. We are happy to come to you and pick up the donation check.  

Mailed Checks May be Sent to:

PO Box 17966, 

2350 E. Arbor Lane

Salt Lake City, Utah 84117  

Bank Wire Information:   

Amalgamated Bank, 10 East 14th Street,

New York, NY 10003 

Routing Number 026003379,

Account Number 116027078 

Elect Utah will bring Utah
The Leadership It needs.

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